China Europe International Business School Interview with Ivy Yang

Check out my interview with Ivy Yang of China Europe International Business School on BeatTheGMAT

China Europe International Business School Interview with Ivy Yang

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Tepper debrief coming soon

I visited Tepper on Feb 24th. It was an interesting visit and I am in the process of writing a detailed. Be on the look out for that post in the coming days!

Update - Feb 13th

So I haven’t posted an actual update in my Blog in awhile, so I figured I would provide an update. Things have been pretty busy at work and I actually just got back from a trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina. If you ever have a chance to go, I would recommend it! The city was very interesting. I got to see a Tango show and go on a boat tour while I was there. Did I mention it was 86 degrees and sunny every day I was there??? But anyways, I am back to reality now in Pittsburgh with our 30 inches of snow in February….

I have been spending some time reading through Montauk’s book “How To Get Into the Top MBA Programs, 4th Edition.” This is a pretty valuable book with a ton of information. I would highly recommend it to anyone applying to MBA programs. Aside from that, I have been working on updating my resume to reflect all of my recent achievements. Next, I will continue to visit schools and works on drafts of essays to prepare for the next set of essays. I have the following visits scheduled so far:

Tepper – Feb. 24th

Fuqua – April 29th

I hope to set up a visit to Darden sometime in-between Tepper and Fuqua.

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